Carl P. Paladino on Sunday criticized Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and supporters of the state’s new gun-control law and said he plans to lead the Western New York contingent to a statewide Gun Rights and Lobby Day on Tuesday on the Capitol steps in Albany.

The Buffalo developer, who as the Republican nominee lost to Cuomo in the 2010 election, said the law is “not proper in its process nor in its substance, and it’s an insult to the people of New York State.”

Tuesday’s rally is being sponsored by the group Turn Albany Upside Down. “Busloads of people from all parts of the state are going to tell Cuomo that we are going to turn the state upside down and this is the beginning of the end for him,” Paladino told The Buffalo News.

“I view the Democrats who voted for Cuomo’s SAFE Act as sort of hopeless, and I intend to make sure Mark Grisanti is not re-elected,” Paladino said. “I don’t care who replaces him, even if it’s a Democrat.”

Grisanti, of Buffalo, is among the Republican state senators who voted for the new gun-control law referred to as the SAFE Act.

“Tim Kennedy also should be brought to the woodshed,” Paladino said of the Democratic senator from Buffalo who also voted for the act.

Paladino said the gun-control law “is so unfortunate.” It was passed, 43-18, by the Senate on Jan. 14. Paladino listed 11 GOP senators who voted for it, along with most of the Democrats.

Paladino said the Albany rally will begin at 11 a.m., after which participants will be urged to “lobby our legislators in their offices.”

“This is part of a greater campaign,” he said. “It’s a prelude to another rally on Feb. 28, sponsored by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, and we’re going to keep it going until the next election.”

New York, which already had among the strongest gun-control laws in the nation, passed the SAFE Act in response to the recent spate of shootings at schools across the nation, notably the massacre in December of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Among its provisions are requiring the registration of firearms and ammunition, and prohibiting certain weapons.

Turn Albany Upside Down said that the state was hasty in enacting the new law and that some of its provisions are unlawful. The group says:

• Many legislators had less than half an hour to read the 45-page bill before voting on it.

• The legislation prohibits the sale of magazines with a capacity of more than seven rounds of ammunition, but “few or no such magazines exist for the firearms currently possessed by law-abiding residents.”

• “The only persons who will comply with the new ban on high-capacity magazines are law-abiding citizens, leaving the same high-capacity magazines in the hands of those who choose not to obey the law.”

• The law limits a constitutional right while it “fails to offer any meaningful solutions to gun violence.”