Team not responding to Ruff’s leadership

As a loyal fan for and one of the biggest Ruff supporters, the time has come.

The team is not responding no matter what he does. There are many qualified candidates available, Pierre McGuire of NBC is one of my personal choices (James Patrick if you want to stay at home).

The system is not working any longer, the young players need fresh schooling, advice and mentoring. With that in mind, Lindy possibly would work in a scouting or advisory role, and this way the family stays together, but it’s time for a change.

Ron Szalkowski


Management’s proven it can’t do the job

No one can question Mr. Pegula’s, Ted Black’s, or even Darcy’s and Lindy’s desire to win. They have poured untold amounts of money, time and energy into trying to seize the Stanley Cup. What must be questioned, however, is their ability to do so.

Darcy and Lindy have had 16 years to get it right, and while they’ve come close a few times, those teams have long since faded. This year’s roster is yet another bad mix of highly talented and hard working players, skilled but heartless players, eager but mediocre players, and a few who seem barely able to skate at times. It is obvious that major changes are needed, both in personnel and leadership. But, as a fan, I have no faith that will happen, or that if they are done, they will be done correctly. Mr. Pegula has proven himself too big an admirer to fire either Darcy or Lindy, or both. Moreover, were Darcy to break the mold and either hire a new coach and/or make a big trade, it is far more likely we’d get another Brad Boyes than a Corey Perry-type.

If the Sabres are to win, Mr. Black must convince Mr. Pegula that a new direction is needed. He must get involved with the hockey department and right the ship.

Marc L. Rummenie

East Aurora

Same old group means Sabres in for long year

The Buffalo Sabres less than stellar start this year leads me to question who is to blame for this particular, seemingly inevitable, slump that the team is experiencing.

Is it the familiar crew of players, coach and general manager, or is it the owner this time around?

The defense looks lost at times and it is not being picked up with anything close to acceptable play from the goalies. The old, tired tactics of the coach had either caused the players to turn a deaf ear or has enabled the rest of the league to game plan a system that has worked in the past and will work again. The personality of the general manager may have infiltrated the locker room, making the overall vibe passive.

Although the season will be shorter due to the lockout, I for one think it will be a very long one.

Dale Slisz


Sabres’ broadcasts need more life

Growing up watching and listening to the Buffalo Sabres, I have always been partial to Rick Jeanneret and the in-game broadcast by MSG and other past stations. That said, I have had the ability to watch the recent Toronto and Boston games using those teams’ in-game feeds. I was blown away by their knowledge.

Almost every break in the action, they highlighted a young up-and-coming player accompanied with videos of them playing in juniors or college. They seemed to be a deeper breadth of understanding to the intricacies of the game.

The best way for me to describe the differences is to say the Sabres’ broadcast seems stale and basic. Seeing what the other side is like, I am now quite disappointed.

Pairing this with the Sabres management’s strange need to have games cater to 10- to 15-year-olds, is it any wonder why many say the Sabres play in one of the quietest buildings in the league? There is little excitement or new knowledge given in the broadcast and no connection to adults who attend a game.

Shane Stephenson


Kelly hurt fans in CBS interview

As a life-long Western New Yorker and a fan of the Buffalo Bills, I was most insulted by comments made by Jim Kelly, former quarterback of the Bills and a member of the Football Hall of Fame. On Super Bowl Sunday, correspondent Susan Spencer interviewed Kelly for the cover story, “Win some, lose some” on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. I was not happy to hear Jim Kelly admit on national television that he has “never seen a game film of any of the Super Bowls in which he was the quarterback.”

This is a shocking admission. Did he not ever think of the thousands of disappointed Buffalo Bills’ fans that would have appreciated at least one win out of the four Super Bowls?

Also, when asked by Spencer if he could rewrite history, Kelly stated that he would rather have gone to four Super Bowls and lost every one rather than win just one. Did he forget about the 12th man – the fans? I feel Jim Kelly owes a big apology to the supporters of the Buffalo Bills.

Margaret M. Curran

Orchard Park

Dr. Rusin contributed much to area sports

I would like to commend Mary Jo Monnin on her January tribute to Dr. James Rusin, longtime Williamsville School Athletic Director. Dr. Rusin’s contributions are stuff of which legends are made.

As Jim’s Latin teacher at Depew High School in the mid-’60s, I came to respect Jim as a student-athlete, leader, and altruistic human being. He was also a stellar three-sport athlete at Depew.

His support of new athletic programs for women is a tribute to his dedication and vision.

We are all better off for having known Dr. James Rusin.

Robert O’Neill


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