Set plans in motion for Children’s reuse

I was pleased to attend a meeting hosted by Assemblyman Sean Ryan earlier this month that focused on what’s going to be done when Women and Children’s Hospital becomes vacant in the near future.

Elmwood Village does not need a looming, vacant eyesore that will threaten our neighborhood’s vibrant, lively downtown community. I drive by the now-empty Gates site nearly every day, and while I understand Kaleida has selected a firm to redevelop the spot, no one seems to know when that’s likely to happen, or precisely what will go in there. Children’s, situated more centrally in the neighborhood, demands even more urgent action, more transparent communication and a more concrete plan before the hospital is simply abandoned for who knows how long.

I’m grateful to the assemblyman for keeping the pressure on Kaleida and ensuring that it understands Elmwood residents’ concerns. I look forward to increased collaboration between business, our political representatives and citizens in matters like this that concern all of us.

Hopefully, Ryan’s meeting will mark the beginning of an ongoing dialogue about this site’s future. We need to continue to have open, public meetings so Kaleida can address the community’s needs appropriately and fully as it goes forward with the medical campus consolidation.

Victoria Brockmeier