Region must improve boaters’ access to lake

The progress on the waterfront looks awesome! Beautiful trees, plenty of parking and a new sense of hope for Buffalo. As a sportsman, I am still wondering: When are the politicians going to wake up and grant access to the jewel of our region, Lake Erie?

Free boat launch access for a motorized boat is non-existent in Erie County. Why does one have to pay to access Lake Erie with a boat? Every other body of water managed by the Department of Environmental Conservation in New York has at least one free boat launch. Every single one of the Finger Lakes, Allen Lake, Cuba Lake, Silver Lake, Chautauqua Lake and let’s not forget Lake Ontario, which has 33 free public access boat launches located within New York.

Logic would reason if I can only access Lake Erie between May and October, I am being charged twice as much as I should be for my boat and trailer registration, along with the cost of my fishing license. Some of the greatest fishing in North America is in our own back yard and it is not being promoted. I live a mere three miles from Lake Erie, but if I want to launch before May and go catch jumbo perch out on Lake Erie, then I will have to hook up my trailer and make the 80-mile round trip to Dunkirk and spend my money in a different county.

Patrick Swartz

West Seneca