Once you start following hearts, you quickly learn there’s no stopping them. Look up – they are carved into shutters, crafted into door planters, worked into wallpaper. Look down – you’ll find them molded into garden stones, incorporated into table designs or fashioned into rugs, adding a little luv to hearth and home.

Hearts – their shapes and motifs – are an inspiration for all types of design, seen in jewelry and fashion accessories, and tableware and home decor. Their styling can be Victorian fancy or country cute, or quite contemporary. Their material? Crystal, wood, tin, slate and fabric, to name just a few.

“People have always loved heart-shaped things. It’s a happy symbol, just like the star,” said Diane Kissel of Kissel Country Tin “Gifts for the Nest” store, 7296 Schultz Road, North Tonawanda.

Her store holds heart-themed items such as picture frames, soaps, coasters, journals and planters. Many other heart-inspired products can be found at gift shops, jewelers and other stores around town.

Hearts are the symbol of love, but their popularity endures long after Valentine’s Day.

Some people collect them. Others give them as gifts for engagements, weddings and anniversaries, said Pamela R. Miskey, owner of Tis the Season Gift Shoppe, 15 Lincoln Road, Snyder.

Miskey, too, likes to keep some heart-themed items in stock year-round – such as a silver tiered candy stand or a mosaic-covered ceramic garden stone for anyone looking for a little love.

And the beat goes on.