Who?: Matthew Lippman, vocals/guitar; Alex Mersinger, bass/vocals; Joseph Barth, drums/vocals; Olivia Hastings, guitar/vocals; Jacob Chen, violin/vocals.

What?: A new EP, “When We Were Blonde,” recorded at GCR Studios in Buffalo, is available for download now via

Why?: Citing as primary influences edgy ’80s alternative rock of artists like Talking Heads and the Clash, Brimstone Blondes also boast a raunchy, psychobilly-esque edge. The addition of Chen’s eloquent violin playing to the standard guitars-bass-drums format lends surprising melodic heft. Frontman Lippman’s mildly creepy high baritone is part David Byrne, part Oingo Boingo-era Danny Elfman. All told, a wonderfully addictive fusion of sleazy garage rock and modern indie-pop.

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– Jeff Miers