In the ever-expanding universe of genre-blending mass entertainment spectacles – a category that includes everything from “Stomp” to “Lord of the Dance” – the Blue Men reign supreme. The popular entertainment machine known as Blue Man Group, founded by a trio of New York City artists in 1987, has built for itself a cerulean-tinted international empire few companies can match.

A new touring version of Blue Man Group – rife with zany comic routines and improbable feats of dexterity and musicianship – comes to Shea’s Performing Arts Center (646 Main St.) for five performances through Sunday, starting at 8 tonight. The last time Blue Man Group was in town, to perform its popular “How to Be a Mega-Star 2.1” show, reviewer Garaud MacTaggart had this to say: “It was fun. It was BIG FUN! It was ‘you shoulda been there’ kind of fun.”

If you missed them last time around, no need to be blue. Tickets are $29.50 to $72.50, with more information at 847-0850 or

– Colin Dabkowski