Registered nurses at Kenmore Mercy Hospital will vote Monday on a tentative four-year contract.

The contract covers about 270 nurses, who are represented by CWA Local 1133. A tentative deal was reached on Jan. 31.

The bargaining committee is not recommending the contract to its members, said Erin Bowie, a CWA staff representative.

If the nurses vote down the deal, the CWA would consider that authorization for the union to call a strike, but it does not mean a walkout would necessarily occur. Bowie called a strike a “last resort” option, and said the union would first try to work with management on coming up with a package that members would approve, and possibly involve a mediator in the talks.

If the union did opt to strike, by law it would have to give a 10-day notice to hospital administrators.

Kenmore Mercy Hospital is part of Catholic Health System.