Keep God talk out of science classrooms

In the Feb. 2 issue of The News, a letter writer maintained that “Evidence of God exists all around us.” However, not surprisingly, he didn’t present any strong evidence of God. He merely stated that just as surely as there is a natural world, “there is a spirit world, which we cannot see.” In other words, he merely continues to make “an extraordinary claim that remains unsubstantiated.”

As Lawrence Krauss and other scientists have noted, there are increasingly plausible (naturalistic) explanations as to how our universe could have come into existence without a creator. Victor J. Stenger, in his books “The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning: Why the Universe Is Not Designed for Us,” “God: The Failed Hypothesis,” “Not By Design” and other writings, shows that it is not necessary to posit God as an explanation for the supposed cause of the universe.

We must continue to keep God talk out of the science classrooms in public schools. Science is a naturalistic (not supernatural) undertaking. True scientific literacy for our students is what is at stake here. The future of the United States may very well depend upon it.

Norm Allen