Sing national anthem the way it was intended

Enough is enough! I was really upset while watching the beginning of the Super Bowl with Alicia Keys' interpretation of the national anthem. The cameras panned out to show the people trying to sing along, which was literally impossible to do. When a musical personality is asked to sing the song, it shouldn't be to give her interpretation of the song but to use her voice to sing the song in the version that it was intended to be sung.

The national anthem is like the Constitution or the Pledge of Allegiance. When people recite the Pledge of Allegiance, they don't do it with their own version. Too many times I am hearing the anthem being sung not the way that it was intended to be sung. I searched on Google for the sheet music and found an excellent website. It comes in seven different keys for those who might not know the proper way to play or sing the song. Isn't time that we insist that the national anthem be sung the way that it was intended?

Daniel Caputa