Anderson Cooper, who dissed Buffalo’s Dyngus Day last year on his CNN show before erupting into a giggling fit, has turned down an invitation to visit the city on this year’s most famous Polish holiday.

Now the day’s event organizer, speaking at a City Hall news conference Thursday, is taking the invitation to a new level.

“We’re going to make his life miserable,” Eddie Dobosiewicz said of Cooper, before unveiling a photo illustration of Cooper wearing a crown.

“It appears that Mr. Cooper is too busy to accept our gracious offer to be crowned the first ever Pussy Willow Prince,” Dobosiewicz said.

He also has launched a website,, to put the pressure on and is urging people to contact Cooper to encourage him to visit.

“We tried taking the high road,” Dobosiewicz said.

He said he was told late last week that Cooper has a scheduling conflict and won’t be able to make the celebration April 1.

Late Thursday afternoon, Cooper sent out an apology via Twitter.

“Am really sad I will not be able to attend Dyngus Day in Buffalo. It sounds like a lot of fun. i have a work assignment I couldn’t change,” he said.

Last year Cooper poked fun at the Polish celebration on “Anderson Cooper 360” and his giggling fit and the resulting public reaction made it the show’s No. 1 “RidicuList” story of 2012.

Local organizers had tried to capitalize on that publicity by getting Cooper to attend this year’s festival.

Dyngus Day is a Polish-American tradition that celebrates the end of Lent. This year’s festivities will include a fireworks display, parade and party at the Central Terminal.