Cuomo is undermining our educational system

The longer I work under the current Albany-based tyranny of school reform, the more I am convinced the governor forgot that teachers were a major factor in his journey to dictatorship. I have no doubt that tax cuts were the smoke screen he used to undermine our educational system and put all our children at risk. What better way to get the common taxpayer’s attention and solidify public opinion against teachers? The attack on teachers is the collateral damage in gaining his needed support (70 percent approval) on the road to the presidency.

Teacher reaction to the excess requirements imposed by individual states and federal Race to the Top funding is testimony to the fact that education is being forced into an evaluation numbers game that dehumanizes all instruction. Everything comes down to easily read rating statistics and test scores, and does not recognize the myriad improvements that students achieve to become well-rounded citizens. The loss of educational programs and the experts who teach them will leave students with limited information for college entry, limited day-to-day knowledge and limited ability to escape from the mindset of testing now firmly embedded in our schools; our youth never realizing that most interactions in the real world do not involve testing.

You may see a tax cut now, but as the saying goes, you will either pay now or you will pay later. Let’s hope it’s not too late to reverse the trend. Write to the governor and your representatives. Let them know the current mandates will not succeed. There is too much evidence against them.

Jack Agugliaro