Home Depot plans to hire 375 seasonal workers at its stores in the Buffalo Niagara region this spring as the rebound in the nation’s housing market prompts consumers to spend more on remodeling and landscaping projects.

Home Depot’s announcement Wednesday that it would boost its seasonal hiring by 14 percent over last year follows a similar statement last month by its main competitor, Lowe’s Cos., that it would boost its seasonal hiring by 13 percent, including 130 in Buffalo Niagara.

“We anticipate good growth in our sales this spring,” said Tim Crow, Home Depot’s executive vice president for human resources. “Our business pops in the spring.”

In all, Home Depot expects to hire 80,000 seasonal workers to assist customers, stock shelves and operate cash registers at its 2,256 stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico. That’s 10,000 more than last year and a sign that the world’s largest home-improvement retailer expects consumers to begin spending more as the economy continues its slow recovery from the Great Recession.

Last year, more than half of the 70,000 temporary employees hired by Home Depot were given permanent jobs, a company spokeswoman said.

Lowe’s, the nation’s second-biggest home-improvement chain, said that it plans to hire about 45,000 seasonal employees and 9,000 more permanent part-time workers at its 1,745 stores in North America. A company spokeswoman said they expect to hire 26 seasonal employees at each of their five stores in Buffalo Niagara.

For home-improvement chains, spring is the start of their busy season, just as clothing and electronics stores ramp up their hiring during the fall in anticipation of the holiday shopping rush.

In the-home improvement business, seasonal employees are needed most between late February and September, when the weather begins to improve and consumers are more inclined to tackle home projects, either inside or out.

“We can start to see the housing market as an assist to our growth rather than an anchor,” Home Depot CEO Frank Blake said during a conference in November.

“We’re not lighting rockets over this, and we don’t want to get out over our skis, but we’re starting to see the recovery of the housing market.”

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