UB South Campus is being bypassed again

Historically, the University at Buffalo was a campus in the city, the University District of Buffalo. A subway was built linking the campus to downtown. The spending of tax dollars for the maintenance and growth of the SUNY system had the bonus of enriching the neighborhood it was in, as well as the community as a whole. Then the largest employer in Buffalo expanded into the suburbs, taking from the city.

Now we see the future plans of UB once again bypass the original campus and head to downtown. Downtown Buffalo has been benefiting lately from private investment and is expanding its housing and hospitality offerings very well on its own.

The South Campus is an ideal geographic location between downtown and the suburbs. There is existing mass transit that can truly benefit from increased ridership as well. The original UB 20/20 program, I am led to believe, included the graduate schools of law, medicine and architecture on the South Campus. Why does the prevailing wisdom believe every resource for the expansion of UB, including the medical corridor, should be located in one area? Have we not learned from recent natural disasters that this is not a good idea? I do not believe that we should crowd everything all together and cause unnecessary congestion.

I would like to see the University District revitalized by again becoming the anchor for UB. I call on our legislative representatives and the new president of the university to see the future home and classroom of its graduate students on the original campus.

Gail Diefendorf