1. Who is honored on his birthday anniversary every Jan. 19 in some Southern states?

2. What does “fremitus” mean?

3. What kind of shoe is a “ghillie”?

4. Steve Brodie said he jumped from what bridge, in 1886?

5. The diamond is the hardest mineral, but what mineral is next-hardest?

6. Who receives the George Halas Trophy each year?

7. Is it true or false that olives are not the source of olive oil?

8. Of what state is Jackson the capital?

9. In one of Ernest Hemingway’s novels, there is a character named Frederic Henry, a lieutenant in the Italian Ambulance Corps. What is the title of this novel?

10. What is the alcoholic drink John Collins called in the United States?


1. Robert E. Lee.

2. To murmur, or a vibration.

3. One that doesn’t have a tongue and has loops instead of eyelets, with a lace that is crisscrossed over the instep and which may be tied around the ankle.

4. Brooklyn Bridge. Supposedly, he fell 132 feet.

5. Corundum.

6. The most outstanding defensive player in the National Football League, as selected by a group of sports authorities.

7. False.

8. Mississippi.

9. “A Farewell to Arms.”

10. Tom Collins. The name John Collins is used in England. This drink contains gin along with lemon or lime, soda-water, sugar and ice. Curacao may be added.