Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority police have made an arrest in the brazen theft of a 38-inch television from the baggage carousel at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport – all under the watchful eye of a video-surveillance camera.

NFTA police charged James E. Livingston, 52, of Grand Island, with petit larceny for taking the flat-screen television from the carousel on Jan. 12, they revealed Tuesday.

After receiving a complaint from the television’s owner, NFTA officers and detectives reviewed security video from the baggage-claim area that showed the thief remove the item from the carousel and take it from the terminal.

NFTA detectives and officers Michael Garrity, Kevin Schilling, Craig Palladino and Michael Livecchi, with the help of Erie County sheriff’s deputies, arrested Livingston at his home on Jan. 30.

The suspect told detectives that he had taken the television and given it to his unsuspecting daughter, who is not being charged. The television has been returned to its rightful owner.