Do not rise quickly during extended fast

The News published a fabulous article about fasting and its potential benefits. I have periodically fasted and have recently begun a weekly fast of 30 hours or more. Anyone thinking of trying this, however, should exercise caution if attempting a total fast lasting more than part of a day. Last year, in the middle of the night around the 37th hour of a fast, I woke to go to the bathroom. Approaching the toilet, I fainted momentarily and was lucky to have broken my watch band and nothing more when I hit the floor hard.

After I recovered, I went online and learned that, during an extended fast, one should rise slowly from a lying position and sit relaxed for at least a minute or more to allow one’s blood pressure to stabilize. I had simply gotten up and walked, and within 30 seconds enough blood had drained from my brain to cause me to lose consciousness. Once down, the pressure stabilized and I came to, but I could have hit my head or broken a bone or worse. Good luck, and take your time getting up.

Michael A. Snyder

Orchard Park