TOWN OF LOCKPORT – Niagara County sheriff’s deputies, tracking footprints in the snow up and down driveways to almost every vehicle parked on Amanda Lane, eventually arrested a 19-year-old man early Sunday and charged him with stealing watches and loose change from the vehicles.

Deputies were called about a suspicious vehicle on Kimberly Lane at 2:20 a.m. After an hour of checking the area and looking for the driver, they got another call of a man running down Kimberly Lane toward Tonawanda Creek Road.

They found a knit hat, a Ziploc bag with watches, and eventually a suspect who was found in a backyard in the 6500 block of Tonawanda Creek Road.

Lucas J. Smith, 19, of Lockwood Lane, the registered owner of the suspicious vehicle, was charged with petit larceny and trespassing at six homes in the 6800 block of Amanda Lane. He was charged after agreeing to show deputies which vehicles he had targeted. Deputies recovered $41.28 in change and three watches valued at $100.