Reasonable discussion on guns is impossible

It seems it’s impossible to have a reasonable discussion on gun control. On one hand we have fanatics who believe that any control amounts to tyranny, and on the other we have people who know nothing about guns and will settle for nothing less than complete confiscation.

The new New York gun law is both reasonable and stupid. Universal background checks? Good. A ban on very high-capacity magazines? Reasonable. A ban on “assault” weapons? Stupid. The state is banning rifles purely on the basis of how they look. Is a .22-caliber rifle with a pistol grip really more dangerous than a high-powered hunting rifle?

As far as the magazine limit from 10 to seven rounds, this was clearly an attempt by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to quickly enact the most restrictive gun law in the nation in order to further his political ambitions. New York already had one of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

Gary W. Waldman

West Valley