Attica inmate isn’t victim; he’s a cold-blooded killer

In response to the article “Attica, Revisited” published in the Jan. 20 Spotlight section of The News, please be aware that there is a whole other side to this story that should be explored. The victims have a story that should be considered, too.

Matthew Lemon and his two accomplices are far from victims. Let’s not forget that this trio made the calculated decision to walk into the People’s Clothing Store two days after Christmas, knowing full well that they were going to kill people in that store. Let’s also not forget that Lemon is responsible for tying up my father, Sidney, and my uncle, Paul, (along with two other innocent bystanders who thankfully survived the attack) and methodically plunged a knife through them with such vengeance that the tip of the knife was bent.

They not only robbed the store on that fateful day, they robbed our families of our fathers, too. Lemon has had the privilege to see his children grow up, and spend time with his grandchildren and wife. However, his actions have permanently prevented my father and uncle from having the same right.

Lemon stated in the video “Attica: The Bars That Bind Us” that he remembers thinking of his introduction to Attica as “stark,” but it is not as stark as Forest Lawn, where my father and uncle are buried. Lemon is not a victim. He is an unrepentant, pathological liar, in addition to being a cold-blooded killer.

Randi (Fink) Shepler