System failed boy murdered by father

I am just wondering how it took almost a year and then for a boy to be tragically murdered for anyone to actually do something about it. Reminds me of something very similar with me, but thankfully I didn’t wind up dead as a result.

It really irks the heck out of me that people like his stepfather can get away with beating and abusing kids for years. Those who survive the turmoil endure years of emotional scars and depression if not treated, and probably lots of therapy and medication if they do. I’m glad that in my case I got in when I did, because the system taught me to love and try to understand others better.

Too bad this child will never be able to grow up, have a family, play ball with his own kids, teach them to love. He won’t because the system failed him. No more excuses, no more children slipping through the cracks, no more bloodshed because of politics and red tape. The system should be ashamed of itself. At this boy’s age, he should have been learning to trust and have faith in those who turned their backs on him.

Russell Fowler