Citizens do not need semiautomatic weapons

I am in total agreement with retired police officer Allen Scioli’s My View column about the insanity of the public owning military-style assault weapons and his associated point: “A police state certainly seems to be our future.”

I hunted when I was a kid and my first woodchuck was shot because I knew of a particular habit they had that made them vulnerable. The essence of hunting is knowing something of your prey. It is not having maximum firepower.

I was very happy when the governor rammed (and it was that) through the state’s latest gun control law. Personally, I see no need for most members of the public to be able to buy any semiautomatic weapon, be it hand or long gun. Nothing needs a magazine of more than six rounds. This is one less than the new law, but I choose that number because it includes most revolvers.

My “no semiautomatic” clause would exclude a double-action revolver and, I believe, almost all pistols. And no hunter needs a semi-automatic long gun. A bolt-action, lever-action or pump-action is all that’s needed. And for home defense, Vice President Biden is right – a shotgun is best. As for heading for a police state, in my opinion we’re well on our way.

Dennis Seekins