Sabres presenting more of same so far

With every game for a playoff game in this short season, you would think the Sabres could be scrapping for every puck on every play. However, with practically the same team, coach and general manager, it looks like the fanatic fans will be disappointed again. Their undisciplined, lack of intensity and fire with no offense or defense, except for Vanek or Miller, has shown it ugly head early.

All teams look rusty but the Sabres look even more so. Most of these guys played together last year. There is still no leadership on or off the ice. Mr. Pegula and Mr. Black, open your eyes and see this team for what it is. Not playoff bound.

Paul DiVito


Sabres won’t improve until Ruff is shown door

Lets talk about the white elephant in the room. Lindy Ruff. I’ve about had it with people saying “He’s such a good coach, he’s not the one on the ice making all the mistakes.” You can only give the same old speech that you’ve given over the last 15 years so many times before players start tuning you out. Granted, Lindy’s a good guy but his days as a effective Sabres head coach have passed him by. If a Bills coach produced the same results as Ruff has, I guarantee you he would have been gone seven years ago. Terry Pegula, we know your love for the Sabres but unfortunately, we all know you make the decision with your heart and not always your head. So here’s to the fans who love the Sabres, but will have to wait until Terry gets over his infatuation with Lindy, to finally get a Cup.

Ethan Cerne

North Collins

Sabres’ problems fall squarely on the coach

Ever since the exciting 2006 season, it has been a downhill ride for the Sabres. Back then they had a fast, exciting team that had great chemistry. Now, they are just a dump-and-chase team. At a recent practice Lindy Ruff kept yelling “no more pond hockey.” To me this means that the coach has little clue as to how to run an offense, set up cycling patterns, skate the puck into the zone, etc. After watching many other NHL teams on Center Ice TV, I see a vast difference in style and excitement level.

Note that many of our most exciting players who had great offensive skills wound up on Lindy’s black list (Roy, Afinegenov, Satan, Kotalik, etc.). We have few players left from the ‘06 team. Many went on to become stars or journeymen players on other teams. Instead of a team that features great teamwork, finesse, passing and playmaking, we now have a squad specializing in dump and chase and goonish tactics.

It is not the players’ fault. It falls squarely on the coach. Pond Hockey is fun to watch. But we need a coach who knows how to coach offense.

Richard Speth


Familiar names becoming way too familiar

Why are Gerbe, Ellis, McCormick, Stafford and Hecht still playing for the Sabres? Is Scott the bruiser we thought he was? No. He already had his clocked cleaned by Orr. Tougher than Lucic? Forget it. Will Ruff be fired when the Sabres miss the playoffs? No. Would a new coach turn underachievers into achievers? Yes. Why is Tarnasky in Rochester? As usual, Lindy is using his magic in turning Grigorenko, a goal scorer, into a grinder. And finally, is Marty Biron available?

James Furcoat


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