Theater Station closing is a giant step backward

We have reached a sad milestone for Buffalo transit, the closing of the Theater Station. The station has served theater patrons, area residents and workers for more than 25 years, but will close permanently on Feb. 18. Many will be surprised to hear this because there has been very little public outreach about this decision. The short notice being given now will be the first time many Theater Station users will hear about the closing.

The station is being eliminated to make room for cars that will share the right of way with Metro Rail along Main Street. This is being done on the 600 block this year, with near-term plans to extend the arrangement to the 500 block and eventually farther south. The change will allow Shea’s patrons who arrive by car or livery to enjoy curbside convenience, but everyone arriving by train, including the elderly, disabled and families with small children, will now have to make their way from Fountain Plaza.

We are saddened that the 1,200 patrons who use Theater Station every day will from now on have to use Fountain Plaza or the Allen/Medical Campus Station if they want to use the light rail.

Douglas Funke

President, Citizens for

Regional Transit, Buffalo