Evidence of God exists all around us

A Jan. 27 letter about keeping religion out of public schools stated that belief in a supernatural power is an “extraordinary claim that remains unsubstantiated.”

Every day, there is evidence all over the world that God exists. We live in a natural world that we can see, feel and touch. Running alongside our natural world is a spirit world, which we cannot see. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

What I find amazing is that atheists believe in something that by their own definition is impossible. Atheists believe only in the natural world. They deny the existence of a spirit world. They claim that all life started with the big bang, which states that once there was nothing, then all of a sudden, a big explosion happened and life started. The problem with this theory is that in the natural world, it is impossible to start with nothing and then have something.

Our country has chosen a path to systemically take God out of public life, and there is a correlation with taking God out of our lives and the rise of evil. This is no coincidence. When you tell God you don’t want him or his blessings or protections, you give evil free rein. Ask the 55 million innocent babies who never got the right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness how they feel about our country’s attitudes toward God.

Martin J. Dziwulski