VA Medical Center offers excellent care

The Buffalo VA Medical Center is an excellent institution. Veterans in Western New York are fortunate to have a hospital of its caliber to go to for health care. All institutions are staffed by people, and only one perfect person has ever walked this earth.

I have studied the mechanics of the insulin pen and the technique used to inject insulin from it. The risk of cross-infection is present, but remote. I will be surprised if a patient is found to be infected with a blood-borne virus from another patient due to use of the insulin pen. If it does occur, I am confident that the patient will receive prompt and competent treatment.

The strident outrage of Sen. Charles Schumer and some of the media has done nothing to help the situation and has unduly alarmed patients and their families. We should all remember that the staff of the Buffalo VA, especially those who work in the emergency room, surgery and other areas where invasive procedures are done, are at constant risk of infection from the patients they treat.

Thomas J. Konopka


North Tonawanda