People seem to forget we’re all on same team

In the Jan. 29 letter, “History lesson in order on Second Amendment,” the author stated the Second and Fifth Amendments were added to the Constitution to add considerable protection from police entering your home and confiscating your belongings.

Although wrong, I do applaud his attempt at looking at history and being vocal about his beliefs. It makes me proud seeing my fellow Americans getting involved and speaking up for what they believe in. But elementary mistakes like confusing the Fourth Amendment (regulating the right of search and seizure) with the Fifth (provisions concerning prosecution or “self incrimination”) make me fear our education system is failing us.

My fellow Americans get focused on small right-wing/left-wing partisan propaganda and forget we’re all on the same team. We all live in the United States together. There’s a line out the door of people trying, no dying, to get in. Instead of pointing fingers of hate and blame across the aisle, let’s start working together. Let’s start with our future, the future leaders and lawmakers of this great nation. Then we can sweat the small stuff and point fingers all day.

Hiram A. Rhoads

Orchard Park