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We are over the forest moon of Endor that J.J. Abrams is officially on board (with blessings from Master George) to direct the next “Star Wars” film. Why you ask? We’ll give you five reasons to start.

1. “Star Trek” (2009).

This storied franchise had run out of fuel until Abrams took it over with a powerhouse reboot that made “Trek” fans out of non-Trekkies. (The emotional opening is among our favorite movie sequences.)

2. “Lost.”

This groundbreaking TV series proved that Abrams was a visionary with a mastery of mythology (how fitting for the universe he is about to enter).

3. “Super 8.”

Abrams’ well-known passion for movies was lovingly evident in this entertaining film paean to Lucas and Spielberg.

4. “Star Trek Into Darkness”

The awesome trailer for “Darkness” is a two-minute, chill-inducing, heart-pounding cinematic ride. It makes us salivate thinking about what Abrams can show us in two hours. The sequel opens May 17.

5. He loves “Stars Wars” as much as we do.

Do we need to know anything else about him?