Erie County pistol permit holders can now sign up for an email alert to notify them when a new public disclosure exemption form is available.

The Erie County Clerk’s Office has set up a web page at that allows pistol permit holders to enter their email address to receive an electronic copy of the application when it is available.

New York State’s recently passed gun law allows pistol permit holders to request that their names and addresses be kept private in certain circumstances. The law directs the State Police to create an application to allow permit holders to opt out of public disclosure.

County Clerk Chris Jacobs said the form is expected to be available Feb. 15.

Once the clerk receives the “opt-out” form from the State Police, his office will send out an electronic version to those who have subscribed to the email notification. After the permit holder has completed the form, it can be mailed to: Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs, c/o Pistol Permit Office, 92 Franklin St., Buffalo, NY 14202.

Pistol permit holders will have 60 days after the form is made available to submit completed forms to the Clerk’s Office.