Supporting gun laws is a courageous stance

Life is so precious that people should support gun laws that limit firepower, and include background checks for all gun purchases, so that the mentally ill and those with criminal backgrounds are less able to secure the means to kill large numbers of people.

Many of our youth and some adults are being convinced that the more powerful guns they have, the better off everyone is. Isn’t it quite possible that the more people who have these weapons will result in more deaths of the innocent? Even our trained law enforcement people have to be very careful not to shoot unless absolutely necessary, and to avoid hitting anyone other than the criminal. In addition, our police and firefighters deserve to have less chance of being shot while serving the public.

The majority of citizens do not write letters to the newspaper or to their politicians. However, many of these people are very concerned about the safety of their families and do vote. Hopefully, our political leaders will have the courage to support gun laws that don’t hinder hunting, but that help to protect our citizens, especially our children.

Ronald Kern