Cuomo’s gun legislation could cost us more jobs

Not only has Gov. Andrew Cuomo lost my vote, he also has lost my confidence in his ability to lead. His rushing through of gun control legislation will do nothing to prevent another Sandy Hook or Columbine, and could very likely cost New York State more good-paying manufacturing jobs in central New York at the Remington factory.

Now there are 1,200 people in fear of losing their jobs because of politics over common sense. Why would Remington want to continue to do business in a state with a governor who truly doesn’t want the factory there? Remington can take its jobs, machinery and taxes to another state or country that will assure it that our Second Amendment rights will not be infringed on.

How many residents will also leave the state, along with their income and property taxes, because our constitutional rights are being taken away?

I ask that Cuomo either repeal the gun control law or resign, because I have no confidence in him at all anymore.

James J. Trzaska

West Seneca