1. Which species of ants are slave owners?

2. In what state is the Preakness horse race held each year?

3. What is the center of an atom?

4. Name the capital of Mauritius.

5. Who was Postmaster General throughout the Eisenhower administration?

6. Is “notable” or “noteable” the correct spelling?

7. What is the more common name for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

8. Identify Englebert Humperdinck who lived from 1854-1921.

9. Convert .0625 to a fraction.

10. What is the largest lake in Africa?


1. Amazon ants.

2. Maryland.

3. Nucleus.

4. Port Louis.

5. Arthur E. Summerfield.

6. “Notable.”

7. Mormon.

8. He was a German composer and teacher, with the operas “Hansel and Gretel” and “Die Konigskinder” among his works.

9. One-sixteenth.

10. Lake Victoria, which consists of almost 27,000 square miles, is in eastern Africa and is bounded by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.