Church doing its best in a difficult economy

This letter is in reply to the Jan. 24 letter from a West Seneca writer regarding the closing or consolidation of Catholic schools in the South Buffalo area and surrounds.

First, a disclaimer: Father James Judge is and has been a close, personal friend of my family since I transferred here in 1985. He was our pastor in Eden and North Collins.

The issues facing Catholic schools are no different than those of the churches: economics. The funds provided by the users have dwindled, both in the churches and schools, not because people don’t contribute, but rather because fewer come to church to contribute. If the writer attends church, he obviously knows this. Judge was tasked by the diocese with managing several operations in an area not rolling in cash. No one has extra money these days to do all he might want to. I’m sure if it were feasible to keep everything open and everyone happy, it would be that way.

The main point of this letter is to remark on the writer’s stated shame to say he is a Catholic. No one gets a guarantee that being a Catholic will always be easy, but it is worthwhile. I’m sure the writer can find an alternative if his shame prompts him to do so.

Joseph L. Kelly