Most women on welfare surviving week to week

A recent writer from Williamsville took issue with the idea of gun control, specifically limiting the size of a magazine clip, and took an illogical, fantastical leap in thinking that a better way to curb gun violence would be to limit the “number of illegitimate children” a woman on welfare should have. There is so much wrong with his thinking, but I want to focus on just a few things.

Most women on welfare do not have hoards of “illegitimate” children running around.

Most women on welfare survive week to week.

Many women on social service programs actually work to supplement the meager amount of money they receive.

This is 2013, not 1953, and to label children as illegitimate stigmatizes them and their mothers.

Finally these “women with illegitimate children” didn’t conceive them magically on their own. Perhaps a better solution would be to limit the number of women the fathers of these children impregnate.

Perhaps castration is the answer to gun violence.

Mark Lee Schnitzer

West Seneca