Victims compensated for lawyers’ misdeeds

The overwhelming majority of lawyers in New York State are honest, caring and deserving of their law clients’ trust. There are more than 298,000 registered lawyers in New York State. Each year, only a handful of them misuse law client funds and violate the trust placed in them by their clients.

Disbarred North Tonawanda lawyer Roger J. Niemel is one example of these very few lawyers. (“Ex-lawyer gets two years in jail for looting estate,” Jan. 9 News).

Niemel is a disgrace to the legal profession. The Niagara County District Attorney’s Office and the Attorney Grievance Committee performed a great service to the public by the criminal and disciplinary prosecutions of Niemel resulting in his grand larceny conviction, incarceration and removal of his law license.

Readers should know that Niemel’s law client victims have been fully reimbursed for their financial losses by the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection. The Lawyers’ Fund reimburses law clients for losses caused by their attorney’s dishonest conduct in the practice of law. The fund is financed by lawyers in New York State. No tax dollars are used. No other profession provides such protection to its consumers. More information on the Lawyers’ Fund can be found at

Timothy O’Sullivan

Executive Director

New York State Lawyers’

Fund for Client Protection