Cheektowaga teacher deserves our praise

Three cheers for Cheektowaga Central High School teacher Joelle Silver. She put posters of inspirational verses, some biblical and one by former President Ronald Reagan, on her classroom wall with the intent to encourage and instill good moral values in her students. What is wrong with that? How can something good offend anyone with integrity and character?

Most parents/grandparents want teachers like Silver to be good role models for their child or grandchild, those who have the courage and strength to stand up for what they believe in. In fact, we need more teachers and parents like her to promote good values and to encourage and inspire our children to become the best they can be.

I whole-heartedly support Silver’s quest to be able to continue with her promotion of these great verses and values. I also pray to God that she wins her lawsuit against the school district to be able to do this.

Christine Ryan