History lesson in order on Second Amendment

I think a little history review is in order. In North America in 1774, the ruling party, the British, could request that the police enter any citizen’s home to search and inspect for items that the government considered a citizen ought not to have, and seize and remove all such items, especially firearms. The police could even put you in jail if you had literature that the king did not like. After the revolution, to prevent such police searches and seizures, our founding fathers included the Second and Fifth Amendments in our Constitution.

These amendments had nothing to do with hunting, but they did give you considerable protection from the police entering your home and confiscating anything that the ruling party did not like you to have.

I would suggest that our president and Congress carefully review the historical reasons for these amendments before they propose any new laws that degrade their original intent. Congressional actions following 9/11 have largely stripped many of a citizens’ protections under the Fifth Amendment. The actions by the Legislature of New York over the years have done great damage to the intent of the Second Amendment. Let us all take some time to think carefully before we endorse new laws in this area.

Philip J. Kintner