After nearly 20 years in Ellicott Square, the Erie County Democratic Party is moving its headquarters to the Larkin Center of Commerce in the burgeoning Larkin District.

Democratic Committee Chairman Jeremy Zellner, who officially announced plans for the move Monday, said the time has come for a change of venue.

“The Ellicott Square building has been a great location, but we’ve outgrown the place,” said Zellner, who took the helm of the party in September. He said there was no acrimony involved in the decision to relocate, nor is the move based on any disagreements with the owner of Ellicott Square, Carl Paladino.

“Carl has been a great landlord. We just wanted to be a part of this upcoming revitalization of the Larkin District,” Zellner said.

The Democratic Party’s new offices will be on the ground floor of the Larkin Center of Commerce, a 1.3 million-square-foot complex in the Larkin District that is already home to nearly 100 businesses.