Joni Flynn never met the man she was trying to help. Now she faces up to 14 months in federal prison for doing his “dirty work.”

Flynn, 35, of Olean, pleaded guilty to wire fraud Tuesday for her part in a scheme that cost six victims more than $44,000.

The single mother of four told U.S. District Judge Richard J. Arcara that she had developed an online relationship that resulted in the man asking her to serve as a conduit for money he wanted to receive from the U.S. Authorities believe the man may have been in Nigeria, where the money was sent by Flynn.

“In many ways, I feel sorry for you,” Arcara told her.

Prosecutors said Flynn made “a very small amount” of money as part of the scheme – most of it was sent to Nigeria – but will nevertheless be required to pay back the $44,000 that was lost by victims in the U.S.