Four men are being held on robbery, weapons and other charges after the armed robbery of a Main Street gas station early Tuesday morning and a vandalism incident on Sprenger Avenue a few minutes earlier.

The four are charged with the armed robbery of a cell phone and a wallet from two victims accosted in the Mobile on the Run gas station in the 3100 block of Main Street, police said.

Officers responded to the report of the robbery and immediately broadcast a description of the suspects’ vehicle, a white luxury car with Tennessee license plates. Shortly before that stickup, officers were flagged down at East Delavan and Midway avenues to assist a woman who told police that someone had thrown a brick through her house window in the 100 block of Sprenger Avenue.

While investigation the Sprenger Avenue incident, officers noticed footprints in the snow that led them to the car with Tennessee plates, where they found the four suspects.

When the description of the four Sprenger Avenue suspects was aired again over police radio, officers who had responded to the gas station stickup drove to Sprenger Avenue, checked the car and found two loaded guns, marijuana, the three cell phones and the wallet stolen at the Main Street gas station.

The four were charged with robbery, weapons possession, criminal possession of stolen property, grand larceny and criminal possession of marijuana. They were identified as

Larron D. Waller, 19, of Sprenger Avenue; Corey Walker, 18, Deon Artis, 19, and Jamontrae Ridley, 21, all of unknown Buffalo addresses.

The police officers involved in the two-crime investigation were Officers Peter Nguyen, Christina Colosimo, Roberto Becerril, John Abrams, Ray Harrington and Thomas Champion and Detectives Nick Mourgas and Jim Dunham.