Politically correct laws take away our freedoms

New York politicos, under the direction of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, are trying to define the wants and needs of modern man (Homo sapiens), by taking away more freedoms and replacing those with more stringent restrictions. Can you imagine being at a New York shooting range with a 16-ounce soft drink and a magazine-fed semi-auto rifle? That could get you put you on some terror watch list.

As more and more New Yorkers succumb to the feel-good ploys of these politicians, they begin to lose their basic human identity. And with that goes their pride and ability to resist any new regulations, no matter how misleading these may be. We would do ourselves good by taking a good look at these new laws and regulations that we had no say on, for we may unwittingly become the new politically correct defined breed of man, the “Cuomo sapiens.”

Albert Damiani

Grand Island