Stop treating people like they are criminals

If I buy a certain decongestant, I am required to show the pharmacist my driver’s license and sign for the drug because criminals use it to make methamphetamine and I could be a criminal.

I once had a health care provider who wanted me to sign a contact agreeing to random drug testing if I needed more than one prescription for a narcotic medication to treat the painful condition she diagnosed. I also would have to return every month for an appointment to refill the medication, answer questions about who may have access to the drug in my home and assure the doctor that I lock it up.

As much as I have sympathy for the family whose grief over their adult son’s death precipitated action by lawmakers to regulate legal drugs, that was a contract I did not sign. I am not a criminal. I do not want to be part of any government electronic database that suggests I am.

If I go to the doctor and he/she asks me if I have a gun and where I keep it, how shall I answer? Should I say that if lawmakers really wanted to prevent the deaths of children, they would require the doctor to ask me where I keep my swimming pool? As much as the death of a child by gunfire is horrifying, death by drowning in a swimming pool does not inspire such outrage, I guess.

Gun owners are not criminals. Pool owners are not criminals. The risks that scare people and the risks that kill people are very different. The bogeyman scares people and makes lawmakers overreact with stupid laws that make them sound like they are protecting us. Teach people how to use a gun safely and they won’t be afraid. The bogeyman will be. We the people are not the criminals.

Pamela McDonald