TOWN OF LOCKPORT – A water main break this morning on South Transit Road shut down water to businesses on both sides of the busy road and limited northbound traffic to one lane through most of the day as repairs were made.

Businesses along Transit from Robinson to Hamm roads went without water for part of the day.

Town Water Superintendent Ken Banker said a pressure spike on South Transit near Robinson caused the water main to rupture overnight. Crews were called to the scene about 2 a.m.

“The break was at the start of our commercial corridor, so obviously it was not convenient for anyone at this stretch,” Banker said. He said doctor’s offices, restaurants and other businesses in the corridor were without water until about noon.

Road repairs took a little longer.

Banker said the water main break caused the road to heave up to 9 inches, creating a “launch ramp.”

“That’s considerably high when you think you are driving on flat land,” Banker said.

He said road crews cut out the heaved part road, a 15-inch-wide by 40-foot-long patch, and replaced it after the hole in the water pipe was patched.

Weather is not a believed to be a factor in the rupture, the water superintendent said.

A brief interruption may have caused the pressure spike, he said.

“We really don’t what caused it and we are having the county look into it,” Banker said. He said breaks are common, and crews repaired three breaks on Sunday in less populated areas, two similar pressure breaks on Bowmiller Road and another one on Wick Road, which was attributed to ground shifts. Those breaks also caused temporary water shut downs.

“It could have been a whole lot worse if this had happened last week, with all the subzero temperatures This is like summer for us,” laughed Banker.