NRA must support sensible reforms

Gun manufacturers, like any business, have a market plan to sell as much of their product as possible. They care little about who buys their product or how it is used. As a primary funder of the NRA, they send it to Washington to represent their interests, under the guise of protecting our civil rights.

The CDC has requested funding in order to study who is buying guns and how they are used. We could get hard facts about how often a gun is used for protection versus how often the gun actually harms its owner or family. A potential buyer would have a realistic view of his need for a gun. The NRA blocks any funding.

Congress, under the threat of the NRA, fails to enact serious regulations that would enable the ATF to cut off the source of so many illegal guns easily obtained on our inner-city streets. Even with better regulations, tens of thousands of gun dealers receive little, if any, oversight by a severely undermanned ATF, without a director for six years. The NRA resists effective regulations or increased funding of the ATF.

If the NRA’s primary slogan “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” was true, wouldn’t it be in its interest, and mine as a responsible gun owner, to keep guns out of the wrong hands?

If inner-city violence moves into “safer” suburbs, or we have more Aurora and Sandy Hook atrocities, we may all lose our guns when America wakes up and overreacts. It happened in Great Britain and Australia.

Gary W. Juergens