Consumers will pay more when corporate taxes rise

Remember when President Obama promised “no tax increases on middle-class families”? Well, here is a message for all you single moms working in minimum-wage jobs. Obama’s liberal Democrats, like Sen. Charles Schumer, want to raise taxes on oil and gas companies and on corporations doing business overseas.

Do you really believe these companies are going to pay these tax increases? No, you are, because these companies will only pass those tax increases down to you by raising their prices. You will pay more for the gas in your car, higher utility bills and for those basic needs you purchase at stores that sell products made by the businesses that make items overseas, like Walmart.

Wake up and see that Obama and his fellow Democrats are not watching out for you. It’s too late to change your vote, but at the next election, don’t fall for the line, “I am not going to raise taxes on the middle class. I am only going to raise taxes on those nasty corporations.”

William Cosentino