State’s gun legislation punishes wrong people

Here we go again. Like all Americans, I was profoundly saddened by the tragedy in Newtown. But did we really expect anything other than the knee-jerk reaction that came out of Albany? As usual, our elected officials chose to add more restrictions on peaceful, law-abiding gun owners, which will have little or no effect on violent crime.

They say they’ve added increased penalties for gun trafficking and criminal possession and use of guns. OK, that’s great, but how about strict enforcement of the laws already on the books, at both state and federal levels? Tighten up background checks to include mental health issues. We can’t do that due to privacy issues, even though in Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora and Newtown, among others, there were warning signs that were ignored.

As far as the seven-round limit on magazines, does anyone really think that a three-round change is going to have any effect, except to make it extremely difficult to find approved magazines for a lot of different guns? Maybe that’s what they had in mind; a gun is almost useless without a magazine. And let’s not forget that this legislation was pushed through so fast, they didn’t add an exemption on the magazine limit for police and law enforcement. It’s sort of a Nancy Pelosi “we have to pass it to see what’s in it” moment.

I, like a lot of law-abiding gun owners I know, am going to wait as long as possible to comply with these new restrictions. We are fed up with being blamed for the criminal and deranged actions of others. We are hoping that we may see some relief through the courts; we know the Albany elites aren’t going to do anything intelligent or reasonable to address these issues.

Philip A. Kaczmarek