In a new exhibition of paintings and drawings opening Saturday in the Nina Freudenheim Gallery (140 North St.), Buffalo artist Kyle Butler has set out to explore the intersection between order and chaos.

Like his past work, which dealt with the relationship between architecture and the control it exerts over those who inhabit it, Butler’s new body of work asks viewers to question some deeply held notions about the way the world works. Butler has divided the show into three parts, according to a release. The first is a series of paintings, called “Contrived Gestures,” in which Butler imposes a kind of order on his own free-spirited, chaotic marks by meticulously retracing them. The second, a set of drawings, expands on that approach. For the third part, Butler took images of cityscapes and pieces of architecture that he’s used for his past work and “fragmented” them in order to give the sense of chaos emerging from the order of a building or a streetscape.

In Butler’s work, according to a statement from the gallery, “The roles of order and disorder are confused, the unruly is systematized, and the systematic is shown to be entropic.”

The show runs through March 1. Call 882-5777 or visit

– Colin Dabkowski