Buffalo Sex Offense Squad detectives are trying to track down a man who raped a woman after slipping a disorienting drug into her drink at a Main Street bar early Friday morning.

The woman was later tracked down by friends who used her cell phone and found, walking on Tyler Street in a disoriented state.

The woman, who was taken to Erie County Medical Center, was unable to recall events after about 1 a.m. today when she was talking with a man at the bar of The Steer restaurant at 3151 Main St. The victim said the man was white, about five feet, nine inches tall and had darker features.

The victim told detectives she did not recall leaving the restaurant but did recall entering what she described as a narrow bedroom with a bed and a white bedspread where she was pushed onto the bed and assaulted.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Buffalo Police confidential tipcall line at 847-2255 or test a tip at (716) 847-2255 or email the police department at