Some serious softball here

Erie County legislators, still basking in the glow of their 22-15 win over Team Poloncarz on the softball field last year, are already talking rematch.

“We should never pass up an opportunity to humiliate the county executive and his staff,” said coach Kevin Hardwick, a Town of Tonawanda lawmaker.

County Executive Mark Poloncarz has said he hired his staff for their “brain power” rather than athleticism. Still, lawmakers see a path to victory for Poloncarz, with his deal to keep the Buffalo Bills in Orchard Park.

“Coach mentioned that if the county executive wants to be competitive in this year’s softball game, maybe he can get some individuals from the Bills’ front office to join him,” said Legislator Timothy Hogues of Buffalo.

Deputy County Executive Richard Tobe replied, “We were actually thinking some Bills from not the front office.”

Gaga over Gosling

Like thousands of movie fans, Sarah Velasquez has a crush on Ryan Gosling.

But she is the only one who can say she got his famous mug on a coffee mug.

Velasquez, a blogger, saw an interview in which the Canadian-born Gosling – now starring in the film “Gangster Squad” – said it was his dream to have his face on a Tim Hortons coffee mug, like the “Dick Tracy” Burger King cups he collected in his youth. Velasquez, whose two favorite Southern Ontario imports are Gosling and Tim Hortons, created her own Gosling travel mug with an assist from co-worker Kathryn Przybyla. She posted a photo of it on and emailed the link to Tim Hortons.

The coffee and doughnut giant loved it, made an actual mug and sent one to Gosling and another one to Velasquez, and posted it on Twitter. Her story has been widely reported in Canada.

After a phone interview with CTV on Friday, Velasquez jokingly agreed she has become an international celebrity. And she knows how she wants the story to end.

“He is taking me on a date to Tim Hortons,” she said. “He owes me.”

Schumer ducks out of menu

The next time Sen. Charles E. Schumer takes a turn as menu planner, he may want to, well, duck.

The New York Democrat served as party planner for President Obama’s Second Inauguration, including the luncheon in the Capitol.

With Schumer’s help, the chef built a menu around New York products, including maple syrup, cheese and the apples in the pie. But after testing a main course of Long Island duck, they looked elsewhere for the entree.

“We were going to have Long Island duck. The duck was very good, but the preparation wasn’t great. We settled on South Dakota bison,” Schumer told the New York Times.

That comment ruffled the feathers of Long Island caterer Butch Yamali.

“The duck is the symbol of Long Island,” Yamali told the Washington Post. “When you attack the duck, you’re attacking Long Island. You’re attacking almost three million people by taking the duck off the menu.”

Schumer, of course, could have easily averted this controversy.

“At the very least he could have gone with Buffalo wings,” noted Post columnist Dana Milbank.

He’s buffaloing us, right?

Speaking of wings, a Chicago Tribune columnist is looking for a lawyer to file a class-action lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings.

Why? The company’s signature offering contains no buffalo meat whatsoever, Eric Zorn writes.

Zorn says he’s inspired by lawsuits against the parent company of Subway because the sandwich chain’s “foot-long” subs are not a full 12 inches in length.

“It turns out that ‘buffalo’ in the dish ‘buffalo wings’ refers not to bison, the low-fat beef substitute, but to Buffalo, N.Y., where small, deep-fried chicken parts were first served as bar food,” he writes. “I may have been aware of this fact, though I’m willing to swear to my ignorance, confusion, dismay, outrage, pain and suffering if doing so stands to let me in on a share of the jury award.”

By Patrick Lakamp with contributions from Denise Jewell Gee, Bruce Andriatch and Jerry Zremski.