Catholic school closings paint a bleak picture

Well, the Catholic Church has done it again – turned its back on the people. Closing two South Buffalo schools (Ambrose and Trinity) leaves hundreds of young, impressionable kids without their school, wondering and afraid as to what their future will be. The Rev. James Judge and his cronies have again dictated to the Catholics of South Buffalo how the schools will be run. There were no discussions with the parents, school administrators or teachers. We will be down to one school that will be near or at capacity next school year, without consideration for the future.

Maybe the writing’s on the wall and there is no future for Catholic education in Buffalo. Years ago, the Catholic Church could be counted on to support the people, finding a way to get the impossible done. Not anymore. It closes churches and schools with no regard for the parishioners or the students. I’m ashamed to say I’m a Catholic. The way the church in this diocese operates is so contrary to the teachings and commitment of what used to be the Catholic Church, it’s disgusting. Parents pay huge amounts of money to send their kids to a Catholic school thinking it’s a better education. But what will these kids really learn and remember about their precious youth? The day their school closed for good and locked them out.

David Corcoran

West Seneca